Happy Maps
was built to capture life memories or remind of places where the most celebrations of your lives happened.
We all know about that holiday or special occasions, it can also be a headache. You know what I'm talking about. Gift shopping. Happy Maps was built to make it easy for anyone to create meaningful gifts that celebrates any special occasion. Whether it's a city where you first fell in love, your wedding day, or a certain place in the world that inspires you.
Our Story
We had a problem finding gifts for our girlfriends that was meaningful and special that they could remember day in and out. We ended up creating a personal map of the first place we met our girlfriends. Our family members and friends saw the map posters on the wall and asked if we could make it for them too. This was beginning of the idea for Happy Maps. We’re committed to the concept of spreading love and good feelings through meaningful and artistic gifts and home decor.